The Top 10 April Fools’ Day Pranks, From Brands

Hey there sucker, did you fall for any of these brand’s pranks yesterday? We were impressed with the amount of companies eager to pull the wool over your eyes, but we’ve got to bow down to these top ten brands that really pushed the boat out with their tomfoolery. From a search scent app to tech for pets, we countdown the most outlandish hoaxes.

10) Barclaycard PayWag – Contactless payment device for dogs

9) Introducing Gmail Blue

8) The newest addition to Scope’s line of products – Bacon mouthwash.

7) Putting your pets first – Sony introduce ‘Tech For Pets’

6) Future space tourists may want to invest in ‘Skype into Space’ - As part of its mission to keep the universe talking, Skype announced a new product designed to facilitate Skype calls when travelling past black holes.

5) YouTube announced they would shutdown.
4) BMW launches baby pram
3) Microsoft shows off the Windows Phone Locket
2) Virgin Atlantic launches the world’s first-ever glass-bottomed plane.
1) The newest addition to Search: Google Nose.

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