5 Unique Ways To Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air ladies and gents! What kind of heartless graphic design agency would we be if we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? In all honesty though, we don’t really adore those mushy gushy declarations of love. You know, the ones which compare your affection for your secret admirer to a never-ending sunset, how you’ve been experiencing insomniac nights and have been watching them from afar for years…. (Stalker alert)

No, no – that’s way too over the top for us. So we thought we’d create a kick-ass poster design series, which can be used to express your love in a unique way.

If it doesn’t work out with you and your secret crush, then at the very least you’ve caught their attention…

And perhaps just scared them a little too. (Note the chloroform poster!)

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